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Let us help you move to your next destination...

J Walls Logistics is a full service moving and storage company serving Metropolitan Atlanta and surrounding cities.  We are authentic, honest and reliable. 

Anyone can move you, but the problems you incur hiring the wrong movers - is just not worth it.  The cost can be more damaging than just taking enough time to scout out the best in the business and that is J Walls.  At J Walls Logistics we leave out all the guess work and cut out all of the surprises to offer our customers a peace of mind


Our well trained, courteous and professional staff goes above and beyond to make sure that moving your items does not become a nightmare for you or the ones that matter to you.  We did the research and found that offering our customers quality service, affordable pricing and flawless execution that we could beat out our competitors.  did our research and heard the horror stories, which is how J Walls Logistics was built. Offering solid service at an affordable rate was our goal and we achieved it.


Speech Matters

Children with Speech Impediments Matter!

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